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  • Customized to Your Niche & Location

  • Researched vs your Top Competitors

  • Each Citation Done By Hand

What are Hyper Local Citations?

In it's SEO Learning Center, Moz defines a local citation as "any online mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business". Citations can often be found on local area websites, blogs, business directories and app based websites such as Yelp, Baidu, TomTom, ScootRealtime etc.

Local Citation Accuracy

Accuracy is VITAL for your Business

Citations are a vital channel that help internet users discover the businesses that are local to their area, which often translates to increased footfall.

How Do Local Citations Affect Search Engine Rankings?

Local SEO is crucial for consumer facing businesses, any service provider or venue with multiple competitors in their catchment area knows that often the first last and only place potential customers search is Google.

Ensuring that your local business is featured on as many business listings and directories will help enhance the number of citation sources that search engines find.

Core listings include services and websites such as google my business should form the foundation of your link building strategy. There are different ways to categorize local citations, we like to break it down in the same way that Moz does:

  • Major Local Business Data Platforms
    These are major platforms that exist to publish this data, they include familiar ones such as Google Maps, Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram and Yelp.
  • Geographic or Industry Specialisations
    Websites that are specific to your geographic area or based on the niche or industry you are operating in. This can include things like professional associations, industry associations or a local newspaper's website.
  • Everywhere Else
    Citations can be created in many different kinds of other websites including maps, databases, directory listings and guides. These citations can either be submitted manually or earned via the respective site/organisation's policy.

Citations are Important

Citations are publications of your business information on the internet. They directly impact both new customer discovery and local search engine rankings. The knock-on impact of this can affect your Google Maps ranking also. Business information can include images, videos, coordinates, contact details, service/product information and website url.

What is included in Hyper Local Citation SEO Package?

Hyper local Citations delivers the very best in custom citations catered directly to your niche and location. We have more than 6 years of experience and know how to build citations that develop online presence and help business owners build local search rankings. We take time to research the top competitors and find the very best citation sources for your targeted and city. Whichever package you choose, citations are hand-built and we provide you with a full report.



Avoid Wasting Money on Overlap

If you are not tracking pre-existing citations or old citations that you have already built, or you have paid for citations or links from several providers, our service includes an option to audit ALL of your citations so you avoid paying for work that has already been done!

Optimize your Local Citation Strategy

Local business listings and local directories are crucial to building your business online presence. Our link building strategy has been refined over many years and hundreds of projects, we will help with local listings in many different countries including all major markets, USA, Europe, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc.

Niche and Geographically Specific Citations

Our list of citation sites include many which are valuable and rare niche and locale-specific citation sources. This helps to oversize the contribution these citations have on enhancing your business' search engine rankings.

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Getting started is easy! Just fill in the details of what you would like below, make the payment and then you will receive an email requesting the information we require to get started. Please note that turnaround time will only commence from our receipt of this information.

Number of Hyper Local Citations Needed
We can rush the citation building and send you a report within 10 days.
This is the perfect way of discovering every reference to your business, particularly useful if your business has ever changed location, contact details, name, website or anything.
We can write a number of unique business descriptions and rotate them between each submission, so you’ll have a little more unique content working in your favor.
We can drip contextual links over the course of 14 or 30 days. Links are distributed randomly to the live link URLs we create for you at a rate of roughly 40-60 links per day. These are good for improving indexing and pushing some juice to those new links/citations that are built for you


citation sources
Hyper local search engine optimization citations

Since 2014, we have been using Local Citations to help enhance our clients's search engine rankings. Increasing organic traffic and the conversions derived therefrom should be an underlying objective of any digital strategy.

If your website represents a local business or service and you are already ranking on the 2nd to 4th page on Google for example, your website will benefit the MOST from our hyper local citation packages.

Local Citation Results


How does this services differ between European and American Businesses?

We can handle EU orders but the amount of sites is more limited. For example, a typical USA business we can do 300+ citations but for EU the minimum order of 40 is about the max I believe.

Can you do local citations for Australia?
What is the difference between your Basic Citation Package & the Hyper Local?
What is the average turnaround time for this service?
My business doesn't have a physical location, can I or should I try Hyper Local Citations?
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