Social Signals for SEO

How do Social Signals for SEO improve your Rankings?

Social Signals play an increasingly important role in search engines' ranking algorithms. Most SEO experts agree that these signals are crucial because they are one of the few metrics that accurately reflect human interactions.


At 10FWD we believe that these signals should be the icing on your backlink building strategy. The foundation of your strategy should always be creating high value content and then building a natural backlink profile to high authority domains that relate to your keyword, niche, location and industry.

When these two elements are taken care of, then it is time to turn your attention to other ranking factors such as Social Signals. We take a diversified approach to signaling, with a transparent report at the end that demonstrates the number of the social signals, the signals come from a broad range of websites, 40% to 60%  between the Facebook/Twitter/Google+ and a basket of other social networks and websites.


Use this FREE tool to check your URLs' social signals, but remember each social network has unique APIs and this one will only display Facebook & Pinterest.


If you have zero social signals or a thousand, our social signals for SEO can help give you a good boost.


Our transparent reporting can demonstrably show you the number and type of primary and secondary social signals.


Signals to your URL from social media networks & websites affect your search engine rankings. This study and detailed article by Quicksprout include the results of an experiment in which 6 similar websites operating in the same niche were setup in 6 different cities of equivalent size. See the impact of each social signal type below had:


One website that got 100 Google+ Followers to a Google+ Business Page had rankings increase by 14.63%


One website that got 300 Google+ Votes (similar to likes) had rankings increase by 9.44%


One website that got 70 Facebook shares and 50 Likes had rankings increase by 6.9%


One website that got 50 tweets featuring the URL had rankings increase by 2.88%


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Social media is quickly becoming a major factor in the algorithm that determines search engines' ranking. These signals are things like likes, shares, votes, pins or even views that happen on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks and social media websites.

Google and other major search engines update their algorithms' all the time. Google's algorithm updates have an impact on search engine rankings, and they have evolved to focus increasingly on the value of website's content to meeting users' search intent. The right signals can positively impact traffic quality, volume, bounce rate and conversion rate. They also show search engines that your website is dynamic and being visited by bona fide humans.


Yes, social signals are always great. You can use this free tool to find out how many social signals your URL has. Don't forget that these signals are tied to URLs and not overall domains.

Yes, you can find a sample report here. Please remember that overall number of signals and each platform will depend on your individual website's content/industry/location. 

10FWD is a boutique digital marketing agency with offices in London and Abu Dhabi. Established in 2014, we have helped hundreds of clients on a retained basis or as one-off projects. We have particularly been successful as a fitness marketing agency working with some of the top fitness brands such as Orangetheory Fitness. We focus on delivering results for our clients, who are mostly SMEs and small businesses. Using social media platforms and social media sites, we leverage every opportunity to enhance our clients' organic growth.

The packages and services we offer on our website can help you get your business noticed by enhancing your rank in search results. Whether you have a blog post or web page, your SEO effort should include social media sites' ranking signal to help increase your Google rankings with targeted high-value traffic that increases your overall conversion rates.

Whether you are interested in social media marketing, building your social media presence, cultivating inbound links that enhance your brand awareness and search engine rankings or are looking for a content marketing agency to help you maximize your potential in the digital landscape, we can help you.

Our focus is always on delivering value to our clients, we see Search Engine Optimization as a central underlying strategy that should be pursued by any business with a digital presence. Organic traffic should grow month on month and we recommend that at least 30% of your online spend should be dedicated to enhancing your search engine rankings whether via technical optimization of your website or with backlinks and social signals to your website from domains with high authority and trust/citation flows.

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