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In today's fast-paced world, capturing the essence of a moment, a property, or an entire construction site requires innovation and precision. Enter the realm of drone video production & drone photography.

At 10FWD, we understand the immense potential and the dynamic perspective aerial filming offers.

From showcasing the breathtaking scope of a property to documenting the transformative journey of a construction project, drone photography services are reshaping the way we view the world. We are licensed in the UK and UAE as commercial RPAS/drone operators.

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Aerial photography, combined with drone videography, transcends the limitations of ground-based cameras, presenting a holistic view from the skies. With each drone flight, we bring forth a tapestry of aerial imagery that tells a story—each aerial video a testament to the artistry of our skilled drone pilots.

Our aerial shots, whether capturing the sprawling expanse of a site or the intricate details of a structure, are meticulously crafted to offer high quality video output. The professional service our team provides ensures that the aerial drone captures every desired detail.

Drone filming, especially in the construction industry, has transformed documentation. Imagine capturing the progress of a site, month by month, and then weaving it into an awe-inspiring timelapse video that charts a building's rise from the ground up.

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    Our services aren't limited to just capturing the footage. We also offer video editing services that elevate your aerial videos to a professional standard.

    Have a look below at some of the videos we have produced:

    In the commercial drone sphere, safety is paramount. Rest assured, our pilots operate under the highest standards, ensuring each project is CAA approved.

    The cost-effective solutions we offer don't compromise on quality. With 10FWD, every drone camera flyover, every shoot, and every film produced stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence.

    Aerial Filming

    The evolution of aerial filming has transformed various industries, providing them with unparalleled perspectives and an array of opportunities.

    One of the most dynamic applications of aerial filming is within the construction realm.

    With the growth of sprawling urban landscapes and intricate infrastructure projects, aerial photography services have become essential in documenting, inspecting, and presenting the comprehensive scope of these developments.

    Aerial drone videography, with its elevated vantage points, ensures that every nuance of a construction site is captured in high-quality video.

    Such drone filming facilitates the creation of immersive aerial videos that can chronicle the progress of a site from its nascent stages to its magnificent completion.

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    With drone photography, stakeholders can acquire a bird's-eye view, offering insights that ground-based cameras could never achieve. This becomes particularly vital for large-scale projects spread over vast expanses.

    Beyond Visual Documentation

    Beyond just visual documentation, drone videography plays a pivotal role in commercial applications.

    Drones, operated by trained pilots, can effortlessly access hard-to-reach areas. This capability is invaluable for tasks such as inspecting a towering structure, assessing a rooftop, or verifying completed works in areas challenging to navigate on foot.

    The precision and quality with which these drones operate, capture, and film are testament to their indispensable role in modern business practices.

    Construction Projects

    Construction projects in today's fast-paced world demand accuracy, efficiency, and a comprehensive understanding of the site's dynamics.

    Aerial filming through drones has become the modern gold standard for achieving these objectives.

    Whether it's a skyscraper in London or an infrastructure development in the remote corners of the UK, aerial photography, especially drone photography, provides an in-depth visual blueprint that aids every phase of construction.

    The aerial imagery captured by drones is incredibly detailed, revealing nuances of the site that might go unnoticed with traditional methods.

    For instance, while blueprints and ground-level photographs provide a plan, aerial video can furnish a 360-degree panoramic view of the site, illuminating potential challenges and helping planners foresee and counteract any issues.

    One example of the way drones can help in construction projects is in conducting inspections, for example we were requested by a developer to conduct an aerial drone inspection of a construction site to provide legally submersible evidence of work stoppage on a construction site that would later be instrumental in pursuing a civil claim.

    Where traditional drones have offered broader overviews, agile drones can weave through tighter spaces, capturing every nook and cranny of a construction zone.

    This level of intricacy provided by drone filming proves invaluable, especially when communicating site conditions, progress, or challenges to stakeholders or potential investors.

    An aerial drone's perspective helps translate complex construction jargon into a visual story that resonates with any audience.

    Besides videos, drone photography also produces still images, offering an opportunity to focus on specific construction elements.

    These aerial photos are not just mere pictures but crucial data points that can be revisited in the future to assess changes, damages, or shifts.

    The use of drones in construction isn't just about visuals; it's about collecting data to inform decisions.

    The precision agriculture sector has also benefited from drone videography, aiding farmers in monitoring vast tracts of land. By comparing past and present aerial imagery, they can discern patterns, track growth, and predict potential issues.

    In the bustling business hubs like London and the South East of England, where every square foot counts, drones help in optimizing construction plans to make the best use of available space.

    As projects evolve, drone pilots conduct repeated shoots to track changes, ensuring the project remains true to its vision.



    Drone videography and photography involve capturing high-quality video and still images from an aerial perspective using unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones. This method provides a unique viewpoint and can access hard-to-reach areas.

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