Blog Content should always be based on a coherent keyword and internal linking strategy

Blog articles contribute to enhancing your website's search engine rankings and are a crucial advantage that you can use to help increase organic traffic, average visit duration and organic conversions. Consumers are increasingly researching purchase decisions and having a great blog presenting a coherent and credible body of content about your products, services and company is a definite plus.


We use every major SEO platform there is including SEMRUSH, AHREFS, Majestic and MOZ to optimize the content we produce.


Implementing a robust internal linking strategy is vital for creating cornerstone content.


Keyword audits help us identify potentially lucrative keywords in your targeted territories, this helps inform an effective keyword strategy.


We work with clients of all sizes, ranging from multinational companies to startups and everything in between.


Having a dynamic element to your website is important to cultivate organic traffic and increase average session duration of website visitors. Presenting your website, company or brand as a thought leader in your niche helps to enhance your credibility and from an SEO point of view helps to enhance your domain authority.

Building a coherent content strategy for your website is fundamental to determining the subject matter of blog writing and blog posts. Blog posts are a great way of attracting organic traffic, helping to drive awareness over the short and medium term.

The biggest search engine online has gradually been increasing its focus on user search intent, where their predictive AI tries to predict what the intention of the user's search is, gleaning this from the keywords and browsing history. To a small business, this means that a car mechanic that has optimised their website for 'mechanic' will also find themselves ranking on related keywords such as 'bodyshop'.

Well written blogs can play a central part of keeping your website dynamic, fresh and interesting. Digital marketing is all about unique content, and high quality content has been shown to increase users' dwell time on websites.

Applying a holistic strategy to your website's blog content using internal linking, anchor keywords and external links may also benefit your search engine rankings for lucrative keywords.




    A blog post should be aiming at ranking for a particular keyword and/or related keywords. Search engines increasingly favor longer articles, particularly for keywords with high keyword difficulty. Experienced writers craft unique content that helps to increase traffic, especially organic traffic.

    The differential factor for how our blog writing services approach blog posts is a metric called Keyword Difficulty (KD). A percentage score, it is attributed by all major SEO platforms and represents the ease of ranking highly for that specific keyword in a specific territory. Any SEO blog writing service has to incorporate this into the strategy as it will determine the outline of the blog post.

    Keyword Ranking Factors

    This page for example, has been optimised to rank for the keyword 'blog writing agency', which is why we use techniques such as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords. LSI Keywords are terms that search engines see as being conceptually related to the keywords being searched by the user. So for a page like this that would be words like 'inbound links' 'marketing agency' 'marketing channel' 'inbound marketing' and the list goes on..

    Technical Blog Writing Service

    Depending on the targeted keyword, the density of the related keywords and terms should be adjusted, so for this page all of the aforementioned keywords should be mentioned just once, whilst a word like 'blog writing' should be mentioned between 15-21 times. 

    Regular Blog Writing Service

    To us, a regular blog post is under 600 words, is part of a dynamic content strategy that uses the latest techniques and methodologies of content marketing that search engines love. With at least 1 outbound link to a high authority domain, multiple royalty-free images and an embedded video that is niche-specific and keyword-relevant. These are more than sufficient for keywords with a KD score of under 30%.

    Technical Blog Content Writing with in-depth Keyword Research

    When the keyword difficulty is greater, SEO strategy calls for more in-depth blog content writing. When you write blogs optimised for difficult SEO keywords it calls for high quality content and well researched articles. These should seek to position your brand/business/website as a thought leader in your field, offering valuable takeaways or insights even in the form of downloadable content such as PDFs.


    Well Researched

    Our copywriting team have more than 10 years of experience writing blogs for high authority websites. Meticulous research and context is provided with each blog article.

    Internal Linking Strategy

    An audit of your site will help us to create internal links to other content in your website that can help enhance your search engine rankings. 

    Free WordPress SEO Plugins

    If your blog is using WordPress as your Content Management System (CMS), we will offer to install a set of free plugins that we have found MOST effective for SEO.

    Social Signals

    Use our social signals service to boost your blog article on publication with a massive set of shares, likes and other social signals from the most impactful social media networks. 

    Thought Leadership Articles

    Thought leadership articles are longer and more academically demanding. Our team of copywriters include post-graduate level analysts and writers who can structure original and unique complex pieces fully backed by references and research.

    IFTTT Autolinking Strategy

    For all repeat customers, we provide a step by step guide to creating an automated social linking strategy that uses free tools such as 


    When we start blog writing we pay close attention to our comparative analysis of your competitors for keywords with high difficulty. Many business owners often turn to freelance blog writers, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, freelance blog writers are often more affordable and deliver faster, however there is no standardised benchmark for how they approach blog writing, which platforms they are using to research keywords, or what standard of technical writing and ability with SEO strategies they have. A professional writer with no knowledge of Google Analytics or how a business blog can be used to drive conversions (and sales) will not necessarily provide as much benefit as a SEO blogging service.

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