What are Hair Transplants?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that is often carried out with a local anasthetic. There are several methods for hair transplants that have evolved as time and technology marches on. There are several types of hair transplant procedure which include FUE, FUT and DHI.

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What is the Follicular Unit Extraction method (FUE)?

The Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is one of the oldest hair transplant techniques. Research on the history of this method shows that it was developed before 1988 and involves harvesting a single thin rectangular strip of scalp which is then examined under a microscope to extract potential hair follicles that are good candidates for transplant. This seems and is as primitive as it sounds but is still widely used by clinics today. The FUT method can leave significant scarring.

What about the Direct Hair Implantation or DHI?

The Direct Hair Implantation or DHI technique changed the game. By adopting the latest advances in technology, the DHI makes hair transplants quicker and less invasive than most other methods. The DHI method extracts individual hair follicles as opposed to cutting out strips of skin and these are then implanted using a specially designed implanter, allowing the hair transplant surgeon to implant the hair in the natural linear pattern of existing hair.

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How to market Hair Transplants?

We were recently hired to help market the services of a clinic offering hair transplant in Dubai and initially this required a total rethink of their existing and old marketing processes.

Here are 3 key tips to remember when structuring a marketing campaign for hair transplants:

1- The campaigns have to feel like they are premium.

From start to finish the lead journey needs to feel premium. Because hair transplants are a big ticket expense, they need to be marketed in the same way a small car, jet ski, quadbike or something similarly priced is marketed. Personalised processes and automated lead journeys using services like campaign monitor are crucial to maintaining the premium aspect of the customer experience.


2- Create Pain Points

A good pain point for the sales calls and lead journey is to include the concept of return of investment. The primary affinity interest grouping for men in hair transplant campaigns is often "Avid Investors" and "Business Professionals", Google defines Avid Investors as people who actively invest their money, follow financial markets and regularly read business/financial news. This segment in particular can easily understand the notion that paying a premium for a well-performed hair transplant will generate ROI for every year for the rest of their life, particularly when using the DHI method which is reputed to enjoy a 97% success rate in terms of transplanted hair survivability.


3- Use Exclusions and bid modifiers

Whatever platform you are using, it is wise to exclude demographic and affinity segments that are not going to convert. Be sure to include bid modifiers for the following affinity segments:

Avid Investors

Business Professionals

Luxury Automotive Enthusiasts

And also be sure to favor 25-45 age group for men and limit your marketing to iOS devices only.

A Facebook Page cover video can be a great way to promote your company's services in a way that converts your page visitors into leads for your business. Now, you might think that no one uses Facebook these days, but people will often search for your business on Google and then research you on all your social media channels. This is especially true for B2C businesses.

Here is a Facebook Page cover video we made for The Training Room, a group exercise fitness class in Dubai.

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adidas Yeezy 350 Black Red

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Nike 'Air Max Plus Supreme Mean Green'

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