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Over 10 years of experience has helped to shape our content strategies when it comes to creating the best content for fitness brands, gyms and personal trainers. We have worked with numerous and renowned athletes that include former Kickboxing Champion Gokhan Saki, world LethWei champion Dave LeDuc, calisthenics pro and champion Chris Luera aka @tatted_strength and many more! We have also worked with sports clubs, international brands, independent gyms and fitness clubs and more! Read on to see for yourself...

Sports Marketing Experts

In the world of fitness and sports marketing, visual content plays a pivotal role in conveying motivation, strength, and dedication. 10fwd, a leading digital agency, specializes in capturing the essence of fitness through its gym and workout shoots.

From striking workout videos to inspiring gym photos, a diverse collection of content that not only showcases the passion of athletes but also highlights their sports marketing expertise, including football academies for kids.

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The legendary kickboxing champion asked us to help put together a video announcing his entry to the UFC.

The Art of Fitness Photography and Videography

Fitness is about more than just physical health; it's a lifestyle and a journey. 10fwd understands that capturing the essence of fitness requires a keen eye for detail. Our experience excels in the art of fitness photography and videography, skillfully depicting the intensity of workouts, the serenity of yoga sessions, and the determination of athletes.

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We created the above video on behalf of Totem Medical Solutions, a tactical medical services company that offers emergency medical care for staff operating overseas, who were sponsoring an athlete training to be the first person to cycle from the southern tip of South America to the northern tip of North America.

Engaging content provides a visual connection that transcends words. Whether it's striking images of athletes in action, motivating workout videos, or inspiring success stories, visual content captures the essence of fitness and sports. It allows potential members or athletes to see themselves as part of the experience, motivating them to take action.

Well-crafted content highlights the benefits of gyms and sports activities. It goes beyond the physical and delves into the mental and emotional advantages of leading an active lifestyle. Engaging content can convey the sense of accomplishment, the thrill of competition, and the overall well-being that comes from participating in sports and fitness routines.

People are drawn to stories, especially those of individuals who have achieved remarkable results through their involvement in sports or gym activities. These inspirational narratives serve as powerful marketing tools. By sharing stories of members who have transformed their lives, overcome obstacles, or achieved their fitness goals, gyms and sports organizations inspire others to embark on similar journeys.

Engaging content isn't limited to motivation and inspiration; it's also about education. Fitness enthusiasts and athletes appreciate informative content that helps them improve their performance, understand the mechanics of their bodies, and make informed choices about their health and fitness routines. Gyms and sports organizations can establish themselves as authorities in the field by sharing educational content.

Content plays a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community among members and athletes. Engaging content can promote events, challenges, and competitions that bring people together. It encourages interaction and discussion, helping to create a supportive and inclusive environment within gyms and sports organizations.

In today's digital age, social media is a driving force in marketing. Engaging content is shareable content. When gym members and sports enthusiasts find content that resonates with them, they are more likely to share it with their networks, effectively expanding the reach of gyms and sports organizations.

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Gyms and sports organizations that invest in creating engaging content gain a competitive edge. In a crowded market, compelling visuals, motivating videos, and inspiring stories set them apart from the competition. It positions them as dynamic and forward-thinking entities that understand the evolving needs of their audience.

Videos for Landing pages

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Video enables potential members to picture themselves at the gym. They can see the gym's layout, equipment variety, and the lively atmosphere, making it more likely they'll take action.

Video tours offer a comprehensive view of the gym's facilities, equipment quality, and cleanliness. This transparency helps address concerns about suitability and cleanliness, often raised by potential members.

Video testimonials and success stories provide powerful social proof. Hearing from those who have achieved their fitness goals at the gym reassures potential members about their potential for success.

Understanding Programs

Videos can explain the gym's range of fitness programs and classes. A clear understanding of available options helps potential members make informed decisions based on their fitness goals.

Instructor Introductions

Video introductions to gym instructors create a personal connection. Prospective members get to know the trainers' personalities and expertise, alleviating concerns about training quality.

Addressing Concerns

Video is a valuable tool for addressing common objections and concerns. Whether it's safety, intimidation, or membership costs, well-crafted videos provide answers and solutions.

Membership Benefits

Videos can showcase the benefits of gym membership, such as access to specialized equipment, classes, or exclusive events, potentially tipping the decision in your favor.

Engagement and Interaction

Interactive videos can encourage viewers to take action, whether it's scheduling a tour, signing up for a free trial, or accessing exclusive content, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Emotional Connection

Videos evoke emotions, making content more memorable and influencing potential members' decision-making process.

Increased Dwell Time

A video on your landing page prolongs visitor engagement, signaling positively to search engines and potentially boosting your website's search ranking.

Cross-Platform Appeal

Shareable videos extend their reach through social media platforms, expanding the gym's audience. Members compelled by the video are likely to share it, increasing your gym's visibility.

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