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Get a Drone Roof Inspection From only £150

Effective roof inspections are crucial for both homeowners and contractors. Whether it's assessing the condition of a residential roof, commercial property, or solar panels, a thorough inspection provides essential insights into a structure's integrity.

Traditional inspection methods, although once the norm, come with their set of challenges and limitations. These methods involve scaffolding, cherry pickers, and hours of labor, which often translate into higher costs for property owners and contractors.

Such approaches may not provide the level of detailed information needed to make informed decisions.

This is where drone roof surveys step in to revolutionize the industry. Using advanced drone technology, these surveys offer a host of advantages, making them a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods.

Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and expertly piloted provide speed, safety, and accuracy in inspections, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed.

At 10fwd, we understand the potential of drone videography and drone photography in drone roof surveys and the value they bring to property inspections. Based in London and the South West/Greater London area, we've witnessed the transformative impact of drone technology on the property inspection process.

Our team of professional drone pilots and high-quality drone equipment is dedicated to delivering efficient and insightful roof inspections to our clients.

The Advantages of Drone Roof Inspections

Drone roof surveys offer a plethora of advantages. They are cost-effective, ensuring that clients save both time and money. The high-resolution images and video footage captured by drones allow for in-depth assessments that reveal even the most minute details of a property's condition.

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Safety is paramount, as drone inspections eliminate the risks associated with traditional methods, such as working at heights and the need for extensive equipment.

Traditional vs. Drone Roof Inspections

For years, the standard approach to roof inspections involved traditional methods, such as the use of scaffolding, cherry pickers, or manual labor. However, as technology continues to advance, the limitations and challenges associated with these conventional practices become increasingly apparent. In stark contrast, drone roof inspections present a transformative and superior alternative.

One of the primary challenges of traditional roof inspections is the need for costly scaffolding or cherry pickers to access the roof. This not only incurs additional expenses related to labor and equipment but also causes significant disruption to the surrounding environment.

Moreover, working at heights poses considerable safety risks to inspectors, increasing concerns about accidents, falls, and injuries, along with elevated liability and insurance costs for property owners.

Traditional methods are often labor-intensive and time-consuming, requiring extensive human involvement to conduct meticulous examinations of every corner. These processes result in inflated labor costs. Furthermore, the limited capability of traditional methods to capture high-resolution images can restrict the depth and clarity of inspections. Minor defects, damage, or wear may be challenging to identify with the naked eye alone.

The environmental impact of conventional methods cannot be overlooked. Scaffolding and cherry pickers contribute to a detrimental footprint and necessitate road closures during inspections, harming the environment in the process. Moreover, traditional roof inspections can be disruptive to residents and communities, potentially straining relationships with property owners and councils.

On the other hand, drone roof inspections offer a range of advantages. Drones are remarkably efficient and fast, completing inspections in a fraction of the time required by human inspectors, which significantly reduces labor costs. Moreover, drones eliminate the need for inspectors to work at heights, drastically reducing the risk of accidents and falls, and subsequently lowering insurance costs and liability for property owners.

Drones are equipped with high-quality cameras capable of capturing high-resolution images and videos, providing exceptional clarity that enables inspectors to identify even minor defects, damage, or wear. In contrast to the environmental impact of conventional methods, drones leave a minimal footprint, as they do not require road closures, and their small size minimizes the disruption to residents and surrounding areas.

Drones also have the unique ability to access hard-to-reach areas, such as rooftops, chimneys, and elevated structural components. They offer real-time data and imagery, allowing immediate assessments—a valuable feature for identifying leaks, storm damage, or other critical issues.

In the transition from traditional roof inspections to drone-assisted surveys, the advantages of drones are evident. The efficiency, safety, high-quality data, and minimal environmental impact make drone roof inspections a superior choice for property owners and contractors.



    The Role of Drone Surveys in Construction & Property Management

    10fwd is at the forefront of revolutionizing the field of construction and property management through the utilization of cutting-edge drone technology. Our drone roof surveys offer property owners and contractors a cost-effective, efficient, and advanced solution to their roofing inspection and maintenance needs. With an unwavering commitment to quality and professionalism, 10fwd has positioned itself as a leader in London and the South West's drone roof survey market.

    CAA Licensed and Insured for Peace of Mind

    One of our key distinctions is our compliance with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations, ensuring safety, adherence to guidelines, and the highest standards of operation. Our CAA licensing guarantees peace of mind, underscoring our commitment to responsible and professional drone services.

    Tailored Agreements for Low-Cost Inspections

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    We understand the importance of flexibility and affordability for our clients. That's why 10fwd offers the option to establish regular agreements for roof inspections at low costs.

    These agreements can be customized to meet the specific needs of property owners and contractors. Our commitment to accommodating all budgets and requirements makes 10fwd an accessible and valuable resource in the industry.

    Transparent Pricing

    At 10fwd, we pride ourselves on transparent and straightforward pricing. We charge a flat fee of just £150 per flight. To ensure accessibility to clients across London and the South West, we have a nominal additional fee of £1.20 per mile from our base in Kingston Upon Thames.

    High-Quality Drone Services

    Our commitment to quality extends beyond cost-effectiveness. 10fwd offers high-quality drone services that encompass every aspect of roof inspections. Our drones are equipped with state-of-the-art, high-resolution cameras capable of capturing sharp and detailed imagery. This technology allows us to provide our clients with invaluable visual information for their property management and construction needs.

    Editing and Content Creation

    But our service doesn't stop at drone inspections; we go the extra mile to provide compelling, visually stunning content for our clients. We offer video editing services to transform the raw footage from our inspections into engaging and informative videos. Our edited videos are tailored to serve a variety of purposes, including social media content, corporate videos, and landing page materials. Below you can see a small selection of examples of videos we have filmed, directed and produced:

    Timelapse Videos

    For those looking to capture long-term changes and showcase the progression of a project, 10fwd can create captivating timelapse videos. These videos provide an excellent visual summary of the entire project's evolution, allowing property owners and contractors to illustrate their commitment to quality and precision.

    Impactful Web Content

    In the digital age, a strong online presence is essential for businesses. 10fwd's video editing services can be tailored to enhance website content and landing pages, giving property owners and contractors an edge in presenting their services or properties effectively. A well-crafted video not only highlights the quality of your work but also engages potential clients.

    Social Media and Corporate Videos

    With social media playing a pivotal role in business marketing and branding, we ensure our clients can share their message and services through appealing videos. Our drone footage editing can be optimized for various social media platforms, reaching a wider audience and making a memorable impression. Additionally, our corporate video services are designed to convey your professional approach and commitment to excellence.

    10fwd's commitment to excellence, affordability, and professionalism sets us apart in the realm of drone roof surveys. Our services are tailored to serve the unique needs of property owners and contractors, providing accessible, cost-effective, and visually compelling solutions. As a CAA-licensed and insured drone operator based in London, we invite you to experience the future of roof inspections and property management with us. Whether you require routine inspections, timelapse videos, or social media content, 10fwd is your trusted partner for a seamless and visually impactful experience.


    Drone roof surveys offer a multitude of advantages for property owners and contractors. These benefits encompass enhanced efficiency, safety, and precision when compared to traditional inspection methods.

    Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness:
    Using drones for roof inspections eliminates the need for labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly traditional methods, such as erecting scaffolding or using cherry pickers. Drones can complete inspections in a fraction of the time, often within just 30 minutes. This not only reduces labor costs but also allows for more frequent inspections, which is essential for property maintenance.

    Drones eliminate the safety risks associated with sending inspectors to elevated areas or navigating complex roof structures. By using a drone, you can assess rooftops from the ground with no need for ladders, minimizing the potential for accidents. This approach also minimizes the risk of human error, providing a higher level of safety for both inspectors and property owners.

    High-Resolution Imaging:
    Drones equipped with advanced cameras capture high-resolution images and videos. These high-quality visuals provide detailed insights into the condition of the roof, allowing for a close examination of potential issues such as damage, wear, tear, or defects. This level of clarity is hard to achieve with the human eye.

    Data and Analysis:
    Drone surveys provide detailed data and measurements of roofs, such as dimensions, elevations, and imagery. This information aids property owners, architects, and contractors in planning repairs, assessing the condition of rooftops, and understanding the complexities of a roof structure. Additionally, the captured data can be used to create 3D models, which help in identifying potential issues that may be invisible to the human eye.

    Drone roof inspections can be conducted in various environments and conditions. Whether it's a residential, commercial, or industrial property, drones are a versatile solution. They can also adapt to different weather conditions, providing insights during storms or adverse weather.

    Low Environmental Impact:
    Drone inspections are eco-friendly as they don't involve the use of heavy machinery, transportation costs, or manpower, contributing to a smaller environmental footprint.

    Regular Agreements with Low Costs:
    10fwd offers regular agreements for drone roof surveys, with costs that can be as low as £100 per visit. We charge a flat fee of £150 per flight and £1.20 per mile from Kingston Upon Thames. Our services are cost-effective, ensuring that property owners and contractors have an affordable solution for their regular roof inspection needs.


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